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Pro-active and performing, our 380 associates deployed nationwide, transmit our winning mindset across varied industries to facilitate all stages of your commercial development.


They trust us.

Their testimonies

They trust us.

“We were looking for a specific profile in South France and were aware it was not easy to find.
We did contact several outsourcing companies but only Virage Conseil were able to find us the gem we were looking for.
Results exceeded our expectations.
Our brand is recognised and appreciated by the vendors of our different retailers and we were able to create a long-lasting relationship with all our customers.
Thank You Virage Conseil for your tenacity and professionalism! “

WHIRLPOOL – Testimony of Mr Philippe Ambroise, Sales Manager

Outsourcing in 3 words: Simplification, efficiency, flexibility

Could you tell us about your experience with outsourcing and more specifically with Virage Council?

« We used to outsource our sales force in order to simplify the in-house management. We have 2 commercial field in the long term.
We chose to work with Virage Council through their reputation and their strengths in terms of reporting and the ability to communicate with someone.
The reports are sent to us regularly, weekly and, in short, their content is clear, clean, precise!
The results of our partnership is positive and effective. We had a very specific request because we wanted a business part-time, which is not easy to recruit. Toned Council took up the challenge by offering us a person who has quickly adapted to our request.

I will recommend outsourcing for ease, reliability and the delegation that is very valuable. »

JEAN FLOC’H – Testimony of Mme Valérie Tyrakowski, Export Manager

Outsourcing is a transfer task to specialized skills.

Our sales organization requires regular handshake with department heads in the store, shoppers purchasing centers or our various wholesalers in the country. We have a sales team of promoters dedicated to these functions.

We decided to outsource part of these missions and entrust Toned Council as follows:
- Analysis of product lines in stores;
- The highlighting of promotions;
- Advice and recommendations on the organization linear;
- Competitive analysis and price collection.

Collaboration with Virage Council was recommended to us by companies with whom we trade.
Its strengths? Its recruitment base and management skills.
The weekly reports are easy to read and easy to use on current software and reports provide the ability to measure the actions and achievements.
The results of these missions was favorable with rapid adaptability of the company's business.

Today we recommend outsourcing for specific skills»

SAVEOL – Testimony of M. Roger Capitaine, Chairman

News / Press

Our News

Trophée Andros 2015.

15 / 12 / 2014

Virage Conseil : double médaillé des trophées Action Commerciale.

04 / 12 / 2014

Olivier Rome nommé "ambassadeur" du FC Lorient.

03 / 10 / 2014

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Join the Virage Conseil Teams



Join the Virage Conseil Teams



Join the Virage Conseil Teams


Our company

Our debut today

  • 1993

    Creation of Virage Conseil

    Virage Conseil then focused on the supply of supplemental B to C sales forces.

  • 2000-2003

    Rendezvous with success.

    Within seven years, our company has become leader of the market for regional daily press : its clients portfolio contains thirty media titles.
    A telemarketing centre is then created and Virage Conseil starts B to B activities.

  • 2004-2006


    Satisfaction surveys, recruitment consulting, commercial training ... Ten years after its creation, our company continues to grow by diversifying its activities, remaining resolutely oriented towards the commercial sector.

  • 2007-2013

    New development phase

    In 2007, the press group Le Télégramme enters the capital of Virage Conseil. Our company then launches into a new development phase by acquiring successively the companies ARAMIS, JCD Entreprise, Europe 2000 and by entering the capital of Tel Action. Virage Conseil becomes a major player in the fields of vocational training, in-store promotions, merchandising and telemarketing.

  • IN 2013,

    Nationwide coverage.
    Head-Office in Lorient.
    Offices : Paris, Nantes, Macon, Brussels and Casablanca.

  • In 2014,

    Virage Conseil embark on a new transformation plan. A new era beckons, filled with new challenges!


Over 20 years of experience in Large-Scale Retail and in the Press sector.

Our Management style is based on our culture of performance and on a federating engagement in constantly changing business challenges.

Olivier ROME

Chairman & C.E.O

Christophe BLAZY

National Sales Director


Respect - Integrity - Performance - Teamwork - Surpassing oneself.

The successful business culture of Virage Conseil is based on a set of strong values :
We motivate and retain our employees for the sole success of your projects and of all missions entrusted to Virage Conseil. Only one thing matters: Our Clients’ Satisfaction !


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